Nomination Process



Click below to download the nomination form and return by mail.


2024 Hall of Honor Nomination Form


  • Anyone may nominate an individual or team for induction into the Hall of Honor using the nomination form available for download below.
  • Self-nominations are permitted.
  • Nominations will be evaluated and voted on by the Hall of Honor Selection Committee.
  • Nominees not selected for induction by the Committee will remain in consideration for a period of (5) years.
  • If nominees are not inducted within five years of their initial nomination, they will be removed from consideration, however they are eligible to be nominated again.


Nominees must meet the following criteria before they will be considered for induction into the Hall of Honor: 

Individual Athletes (2 males, 2 females inducted each year)

Must have:

  • graduated from a Mesquite ISD school at least 10 years prior to the induction year.
  • demonstrated good character.
  • exhibited elite performance as an athlete.


Athletic Teams (2 teams inducted each year)

 Must have...

  • advanced to regional finals or better.
Coaches (2 coaches inducted each year)

 Must have:

  • achieved long tenure with Mesquite ISD.
  • completed a significant body of work as a coach.
  • .demonstrated good character.
  • positively impacted the lives of young people.


Legacy Members (3 inducted each year)

Must have:

  • strongly supported or made significant contributions to Mesquite ISD athletic programs.
  • one legacy member in each class will be a military veteran or first responder.